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At age 9 months, my Yorkie Poo Bucky was a handful – full of puppy playfulness that I love but also showing some willfulness that wasn’t as much fun. After six classes with Linda at Canine Training Academy, Bucky is still one lively little guy, BUT his willfulness has been replaced with eagerness when I tell him to “sit,” “down,” “crate,” “leave it,” “off” and, best of all, “stay!” The best part is that Bucky and I learned these commands and responses together, and we’re taking our show on the road to the Veterans Home and other social settings.


Thank you, Linda and Canine Training Academy, for such a positive experience and wonderful outcome!!


Kathleen Thomas Gaspar

Canon City, CO



"What makes the programs at the Canine Training Academy an absolute bombshell is the extreme experience and passion of the trainers.  Training dogs is not just a hobby or a job at this establishment, but a lifestyle rife with deep love for animals and service geared toward the protection, health, and well-being of all animals around the world. The staff of this outfit have unbelievable real life experience on ALL fronts.


Whether its training police dogs to trail dangerous fugitives after a prison escape or search and rescue in the mountain terrains or even training entire camps of dogs and handlers in Africa to hunt down and capture deadly poachers, this team has done it and done it well. When all of the experience of the trainers is centered and focused on pet relationships with human beings the outcome is nothing less than a pet/human experience optimized for the maximum amount of obedience, pleasure and positive family pet interaction as possible.


Do not leave without Linda showing the video of their adventures in Africa riddled with life changing stories of how dogs can truly change the world."


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