What is Personalized Professional Training?


This is a cost-effective solution for dog owners who would like us to train their dogs for them, for any of the

following reasons.

  • Don't have the time, opportunity, patience, or have physical limitations.

  • Would like us to come to your home and safely, effectively, and efficiently train your dog.

  • Would like personalized training options that are not covered in our basic training classes.

  • Would like to address certain behavioral problems that don't include aggression issues.

  • Would like a higher level of training.

Your sessions can be held in the home, at our facility, or out and about depending on the behaviors we are working on. Call us to discuss your personal needs. This option allows our trainers to really customize training and address the individual needs of clients. In-home, off-site, and drop-off appointments are available. To learn more about this option please email or call us. Sessions last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.


Single sessions $110

5 sessions    $495

10 sessions  $940

15 sessions  $1400

The number of sessions required to achieve your goals will depend on the behaviors you want your dog to learn, the age of your dog, the level of fluency you need, and how fast your dog learns. Keep in mind that learned behaviors must be maintained by owners after training. When most of your dog's training is complete, our trainers will work with you in a private coaching session to transfer skills, show you what you need to do to maintain your dog's obedience levels, and discuss how to generalize your dog's training moving forward.

Dog Obiedence