Cash or checks are accepted forms of payment. 


  • Full payment is due at your first lesson. For single sessions (evals or consults for behavior modification), payment is due at the time of booking.

  • Package payments are due at your first session and are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions.




Private foundational obedience (coaching classes) are a 5 or 6-week commitment and are designed to be attended each week for consistency and scheduling purposes. If you miss a class, it takes time to catch you up! If you miss a lesson your options are as follows:

  • GROUP CLASSES ONLY: Some of the exercises are online for viewing and instruction on our website. You can view the exercises for the missed lesson and work on the exercises on your own.

  • You can reschedule the missed lesson (preferably within the same week if possible), and pay the rescheduling fee of $25 for that lesson. You are allowed to reschedule up to 2 lessons. If you miss more than 2 lessons, you will have to drop out. No refunds or credits will be granted unless there are extenuating circumstances and the trainer agrees to do so.

  • If you know you will need to miss a lesson during your 5 or 6-week time frame, please let your trainer know when scheduling so they can make the appropriate scheduling adjustments if possible.


We will reschedule up to 2 missed sessions for private sessions.

No refund or class credit will be granted for the unused portion of a purchased package if you decide not to complete your series.

If Canine Training Academy, LLC is unable to operate for any reason, including reasons associated with COVID-19, the remaining group lessons will be rescheduled to a future date.


  • No refunds for any reason once your lessons begin.

  • You are responsible for payment of all monies due, whether you choose to complete any or all sessions.

  • Sessions are forfeited for no-shows without notice. If you miss 2 or more sessions or are unable to remain on track with the curriculum--which causes disruption to the other group session participants as well as “consistency, continuity, and scheduling, Canine Training Academy, LLC, at Canine Training Academy, LLC’s sole discretion may remove you from the program and no refund/credit will be issued.

  • If Canine Training Academy, LLC must cancel a group class due to conditions beyond the Canine Training Academy, LLC’s control, including, but not limited to, weather cancellations, cancellations due to local, state, or federal order, lack of power at Canine Training Academy, LLC’s facility, an Act of God or similar situation, Canine Training Academy, LLC will reschedule the group classes (including the ability to extend the date of sessions to the week after the session was originally scheduled to end).

  • You agree and acknowledge that Canine Training Academy, LLC’s only obligation is to reschedule any dates that are missed once the Canine Training Academy, LLC can reopen. Payment is forfeited for cancellations and no-shows.




Canine Training Academy, LLC reserves the right to remove the Client without a refund at our discretion for the following reasons:


  • You are disrespectful or violent to our staff, clients, guests, any dogs at the training center, or your Dog or your own family members.

  • You fail to pick up and properly dispose of pet waste in and around the training center.

  • You do not follow training instructions.

  • You or your dog endangers any dog, animal, or human.

  • You use unnecessary physical force when training your dog.


You agree that Canine Training Academy, LLC may use photographs or videos of your Dog / Dog in web and print content (i.e. social media, Website, marketing materials).​


  • Canine Training Academy, LLC may refuse entrance or, if entrance has already happened, require you to leave if you show signs of sickness.

  • Canine Training Academy, LLC may require additional procedures or participant limitations to be put in place due to COVID-19 or other medical issues to ensure that Canine Training Academy, LLC can keep both its staff, clients, and dogs safe.




Please do not bring sick or injured dogs to class. If your dog cannot attend, If you are in a group class, we recommend that you attend without your dog for that lesson. Classes are mostly for teaching handler skills and you can practice what your dog missed out on at home.




All clients attending classes must read and sign our release of liability agreement and sign a training contract to attend any of our classes or begin a behavior modification training.




Canine Training Academy guarantees that you and your dog will be trained ethically and humanely. We guarantee that our training methods are scientifically-backed and well-vetted techniques and that we will apply training plans for your dog that are achievable and safe while always working towards long-term behavioral improvement. 


Ethically, we cannot guarantee anything further. As with any living organism, we cannot always predict HOW your dog will behave in every situation. Guarantees in behavior modification are dishonest and unethical as behavior is never static. Many things can contribute to behavior changes, for instance; medical issues, household and owner compliance, environmental conditions, emotions, and repeated exposure to certain environmental triggers can cause behavior change to occur at any time. 




There are no loose dogs allowed on the property. Please do not allow your dog to exit your vehicle or the training room without being leashed up.




Any uncontrollable dogs showing signs of aggression towards other dogs or people or being disruptive to the class will be dismissed from group-type classes. We will make every effort to assist owners in getting their dogs under control, however, we cannot accept the liability that may accompany an aggressive dog. If necessary, you can be transferred to a private session that is more suited to your dog's special needs, or, in extreme cases, we can refer you to a behavioral specialist.




If your dog is in heat please do not bring her to a group class. This is very disruptive for other dogs. You may, however, attend the class without your dog and audit the lesson so you can keep up and practice at home which is highly recommended. This rule also applies to injured or sick dogs.




Vaccination Records


We require you to provide a copy of your records to us. This can be a copy we may keep on file, or sent through email.

  • If records are coming from a breeder or humane society, the stickers from the vaccination vials must be included.

  • If you give your own vaccinations, please have the vial stickers with your records.


This is for the protection of all our clients. While rare, these illnesses are life-threatening and all our clients appreciate our diligence in minimizing these risks.




  • Distemper - On Booster Schedule

  • Parvo - On Booster Schedule

  • Rabies - When Age-Appropriate


Adult Dogs:


At 6+ months, all dogs must be up to date on distemper, parvo, and rabies vaccinations.  Proof of vaccination is required to participate in classes.


The distemper and parvo vaccinations are part of a combo vaccination given in 3 rounds of boosters at 6-8 weeks, 10-12 weeks, and 14-16 weeks. Puppies do not need to have completed the series to attend, but must stay up to date and on schedule throughout classes.